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Affordable, expert service

Top Quality Motorcycle Service

Whether you're a weekend rider or a road warrior, you want assurance that your motorcycle is in top working condition. We offer high quality service performed by certified experts to make sure your bike is safe and is also very well-maintained.

We Service Most Makes and Models:

 •  BMW

 •  Kawasaki

 •  Honda

 •  Yamaha

 •  Suzuki

 •  And more!


We also buy and sell used motorcycles in good condition, if you want to trade up rather than repair.

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Des Moines Best


From the brakes to the engine to the headlights, we handle every aspect of your bike. Our expert staff will get your bike fixed and back on the road in no time at all!

At The Motorcycle Clinic tires are our specialty, mounted while you wait!

Call today and let us keep your bike in top shape!

We specialize in full service for tires as well as repairs. If you're more a do-it-yourself person, we understand and offer a wide selection of parts! Call today!